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IBAN Functions
The purpose of this project is to create a set of classes that can be used to create and validate an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The IBAN is a way to uniquely identify an account and communicate it to another party.

What is the IBAN?
Bank accounts are generally stored by financial institutions (FIs) in a multitude of ways and generally speaking each FI uses its own preferred method of representation. This poses problems when FIs or their customers need to communicate an account number to another party. The adoption of the IBAN solves this problem by establishing a standard for representing an account number.

Provided functionality
The core functionality provided is contained in the core class that allow callers to analyze and synthesize IBAN strings. Additional functionality is provided in the form of a Windows forms program that demonstrates the use of the library.

Who would use this library?
Anyone that needs to deal with IBAN strings in a .Net environment.

What would one need to use this library?
End-users are by default application developers familiar with the .Net environment, which is just about all that is needed to use the library. The NDoc Code Documentation Generator is used to document the project and the NUnit Test Framework is used to create and run test cases but it's not necessary to have or know how to use either of these in order to use this library.

Related information
More information about the IBAN can be found at

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